Pumpkin Gut Slime

Every year we carve pumpkins, cleaning them out and tossing all those “guts” away, usually keeping some seeds to craft with. But what if you could use some of that yucky mess that comes inside of the pumpkins instead of just throwing it away?

I scooped some out of one of our pumpkins and set aside in a bowl for later on. Then we finished carving our pumpkins!

Gather your usual slime ingredients, or follow along with ours! You’ll need Elmer’s white glue, Sta Flo liquid starch, a bowl, a popsicle stick and some pumpkin guts.

Dump your glue into a bowl. Add a small amount of water to the empty glue bottle and shake to get any excess. Dump into the bowl with the glue. Begin with 1/4 cup of Sta Flo and stir it into the glue. Your slime will start to form, but if it is still sticky to the touch then add small amounts of Sta Flo until it doesn’t stick to you. It doesn’t take long until you until you need to start using your hands to form the slime. Add in your pumpkin guts and begin to knead those in.

I found this took more liquid starch then usual and I believe it’s because the pumpkin mix is very wet. Just be patient it will stop being sticky!

It’s nice being able to use this for something instead of just throwing it out! More entertainment for Nova too! We never get tired of making slime in our household!

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