Laundry Detergent Slime

I have been trying new slime recipes because I always make them with Sla-Flo which isn’t easy for everyone to get. First we tried fluffy slime with different ingredients, and now we have tried slime made with laundry detergent and glue.

This recipe is SO easy! All you need is two ingredients. Tide liquid laundry detergent and Elmer’s white glue. The best thing about this slime is that it’ll be blue without even using any food colouring! But of course you can add some if you like.

Gather up your two ingredients, as well as a bowl and something to mix with. We use an Elsa spatula Nova got with a cooking set.

Dump a bottle of glue into your bowl. Add a small amount of water into the bottle and shake it to get any excess glue from the bottle. I used a bottle of glue that was 7.625 fl oz. If you’re using a jug of glue, use about a cup.

Start adding your detergent 1 tbsp at a time and mix with your spatula. After a few tablespoons it’ll start getting hard to mix and you’ll have to use your hands. We used about 6 tablespoons and then I just used little bits at a time until it no longer stuck to my hands.

Nova doesn’t like the feeling of the slime when it sticks to her hands so I usually make it until it isn’t sticky anymore.

Once it stopped sticking I gave it to Nova to keep kneading on the table. Just add a small amount of liquid detergent if you feel it sticking at all.

Once the slime was all finished Nova was stretching it all over the place. She loves to see how far it’ll go and what shapes she can make with it. She was using the slime to make letters on the table. What a great way to learn!

Do you use a slime recipe that is different from any we’ve tried? So no borax, Sta-Flo or liquid detergent? I’d love to try them if so!

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