Twilight Sparkle Slime

Nova came to me one afternoon and said she watched a video where someone made slime and then put it in a jar and glued a character to the lid. She really wanted to try it so I told her to go through her little plastic animals and pick something out.

She came out of her room with a Twilight Sparkle toy from My Little Pony. She started explaining to me a million miles a minute that she wanted to make a pink and purple slime so that it looked the same as the pony.

Grab your usual slime ingredients or follow along with mine! You’ll need Sta-Flo liquid starch, Elmer’s white glue, glitter, a figurine of your choice and food colouring. Sadly I wasn’t paying attention as I took the photos and the lighting was terrible at the time because of our sky light! But you get the idea 😋

Split your bottle of glue into two bowls. To get the last bit of glue in the bottle, add a small amount of water and shake it up. Dump what’s left between the two bowls. Add your food colouring. We did pink in one bowl and purple in another. Stir until the colour is mixed into the glue and add your glitter.

Use 1/4 cup of Sta-Flo (dumping half, or 1/8 cup per bowl of glue). Stir each until the slime begins to form. At this point you’ll need to start using your hands and adding small amounts of Sta-Flo until it’s no longer sticky. Then repeat for the second colour.

We laid both colours out beside each other and Nova was hesitant to combine them because she loved how they looked beside each other!

While she played in the two colours I glued her Twilight Sparkle onto the lid of a mason jar.

She finally combined the two and the colours looked so good together! The pink and purple make an awesome combo.

Mason jars are great for storage of your slime. We either use those or round Tupperware containers.

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