Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles have always been a huge hit in our household. I had a few different types posted but I decided to combine them into one post as well as add a new one we recently did! When it comes to making a sensory bottle the opportunities are endless and your children will love them.

The first one we ever made was a galaxy bottle. I must say this one has been my favourite so far! Fill a empty bottle of your choice (I like the square shaped bottles – this was from a juice at Starbucks) with half water and half baby oil. Once finished add drops of red and blue food colouring, as well as silver glitter to your bottle.

This bottle is so neat because the oil and water separate and then the glitter sits in the middle! Shake it up and it looks exactly like a galaxy full of stars! ⭐️ I can’t even tell you how long Nova was entertained by this bottle! She just kept shaking it up and then staring at it until it separated again. So cool!

TIP: I hot glue the lids onto the bottle when we are done! Just to ensure no leaks or spills.

A few days after we made that bottle, Nova came to me and said she had an idea for a sensory bottle. She said she wanted to make a “party bottle” by adding confetti into the water and baby oil mix. I loved that she came up with that on her own so of course we went right to it!

Same ingredients – a bottle of your choice, water and baby oil. Then in addition, confetti. We got a huge jar of it from the dollar store a few months prior. This time we did 3/4 water first then I put a funnel in the bottle so Nova could add the confetti. We then topped off the rest of the bottle with baby oil. We were low on baby oil at the time which is the only reason we didn’t do a 50/50 mixture.Summer of 2017 I put together some ideas to do a bit of a summer camp at home. Just theme the weeks and do a few crafts or experiments to fit. This Ocean Sensory Bottle was part of the Ocean Week I put together. Gather a bottle (with a large opening on the top), sand, blue food colouring, toy fish and other sea animals, and anything else you have around the house that fits in with the ocean theme. We had some tiny colourful beads that Nova wanted to use also.

I looked everywhere for a VOSS water bottle for this one but had no luck at the time. We used a Gatorade bottle instead but something else would look better for sure.

Start off with about 2 inches of sand in the bottom of your bottle. If you have a taller bottle I’d recommend more like 4 inches! Start adding water slowly to the bottle. It will look very dusty but just turn the bottle to the side as you’re filling and overflow the water until it becomes clearer.

Once your water looks clear and your sand is at the bottom, add a drop of food colouring. We added too much and you couldn’t see anything in the bottle so I ended up dumping out a lot of water until I toned down the blue. I recommend just one drop! Finish by adding your sea creatures, shells, rocks, whatever you want!

Then we come to the Orbeez Bottle! We recently got a ton of new colours and Nova was dying to try new things with them. I came across this one and knew it would be a huge hit. Grab a empty bottle of choice (I finally got VOSS water bottles!) and Orbeez.

Begin by soaking your Orbeez (also known as water beads) in water until they grow.

Use a funnel to add one colour at a time to the bottle to make a rainbow like appearance. I didn’t quite use all of my water beads so I made a smaller bottle as well for when younger kids come over!

TIP: Hot glue these shut RIGHT AWAY! I opened ours the next day to glue them shut, not even thinking that there was some water in the bottles, so the beads continued to grow over night and they were jumping and popping out of the bottle everywhere!

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