Bubble Gum Slime

We spent yet another morning experimenting with some new slime ideas. We have so many containers of slime right now it’s insane! Nova has been enjoying adding new things to our usual slime batch after breakfast lately. One of the first things we get up too.

This one is simple. Mix up your usual slime recipe or follow along with us! Grab your Sta-Flo, Elmer’s white glue and tons of glitter!

Dump your glue into a container or bowl of your choice. Add a small amount of water to the glue bottle and shake it up to get the excess glue out of the bottle. Dump that into the bowl. Open up all of your glitter packs and dump them in with the glue.

Use a popsicle stick to stir the glitter into the glue. Begin by adding 1/4 cup of Sta-Flo to the bowl. Stir until you can no longer do so with the popsicle stick. At this point you’ll need to begin using your hands! Add small amounts of Sta-Flo until your slime is no longer sticky!

It was difficult to get a picture that shows all the colours of glitter! It just looks pink in the photo which is why we decided on the name bubble gum! Plus it was super stretchy!

Nova loves trying to make bubbles with her slime and she was getting huge ones this time!

Continue to follow me on Facebook for #SlimeSundays! What kind of add-ins have you tried in your slime? We are always looking for new things to add!!

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