Alphabet Slime

My dad is a long haul truck driver as I’ve mentioned before and he picks up most of the glue we use. In our recent travels to Calgary he had a big stash waiting for us! Tons of different colours of glitter glue as well as white and clear glue. It’s much cheaper from down south even with the exchange rate, plus they have more glitter glue colours to choose from!

Nova gets SO excited when she sees the new colours! She gets even more excited for the clear glue. She loves making slime that she can see through! I was going through our craft drawers and came across some alphabet beads that we had used last year just to put Novas name onto a bracelet. Seemed like a great idea for slime!Grab your usual slime ingredients or follow the steps I take to make our batches. You’ll need your Sta-Flo, Elmer’s clear glue, and alphabet beads.

Start by dumping the entire glue bottle into a bowl or container of your choice. Add a small amount of water to the bottle and shake – dump into the bowl. This gets any excess glue out of the bottle. Add 1/4 cup of Sta-Flo and your package of beads.

Begin to mix using a spatula or popsicle stick. Continue to add small amounts of Sta-Flo until it’s too hard to mix in the bowl. At this point begin to use your hands to mix. It may be quite sticky still, but continue to add small amounts of the liquid starch until it no longer sticks to your hands.

This will be a very thick-like slime because of the beads. Once you are finished, the odd bead may fall out but just work them back into the slime! Nova used a container under this one just incase a bead popped out.


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