Travelling – Apps That Don’t Require WiFi

We decided for Novas upcoming 6th birthday that we were going to get an iPad. It sounds crazy to me for a child so young but we mostly wanted it for the long drives we do to Edmonton and Calgary, and the flights to Newfoundland. There’s no words for her excitement when we gave it to her! She was so happy.

We were in Bell one day and they had a great deal going where we just paid a bit per month on our usual bill instead of all at once. We were originally going to buy used but this seemed to make much more sense!

One thing that drives me crazy is downloading an app for Nova, then realizing it’s using data. When we drive out to pick up Curtis from work I let her play a game so that she isn’t bored – but I don’t want to be using our data to do so as our phone bill is more then enough each month as it is.

I’ve been downloading apps onto this new iPad and then turning off the wifi to see if they work without it. I’m only downloading apps that will work without wifi (other then kids YouTube) so if we leave the house then they will all work no problem!

I started off with Netflix of course since you can download shows and movies to watch without wifi. Best thing they ever did! So perfect for flights and long drives. I also downloaded YouTube Kids (I didn’t even know this was a thing!) for when she’s at home and wants to use her screen time. I love this app because it only has kids stuff – no clicking on something inappropriate by mistake – and it also has a timer! So if we tell her she can have 30 minutes to “watch videos” then we just set the timer! Genius.

She also loves games where she can do dress up, makeovers, etc so I began searching and testing out some of those games. I find it really hard to find her a decent game in this category because every app has 90% of the options locked unless you pay for it. It’s not very fun for the child to only have 2 options for dress up, but I also don’t want to pay for a game that she’ll get bored of! These are the ones I found that Nova has enjoyed so far:

  1. Wedding Day Makeover
  2. Strawberry Shortcake Dress Up
  3. Face Paint Party Salon
  4. Chic Baby Dress Up Game
  5. Make Up Popstar
  6. Prom Salon

I also fell in love with Duck Duck Moose apps thanks to a post by Merricks Art. I took a peak through their apps that don’t require wifi and I hadn’t even heard of those ones before! Duck Duck Moose has a ton of different learning activities for kids. I downloaded a few for Novas iPad and they were a big hit. I found “Moose Math” to be fantastic for Nova. Check out some of these other apps by Duck Duck Moose.

  1. Moose Math
  2. Pet Bingo
  3. Build-A-Truck
  4. Baa Baa Black Sheep
  5. Peek-A-Zoo
  6. Princess Fairy Tale Maker
  7. Word Wagon

I have a pretty good idea of what Nova likes and doesn’t like when it comes to games so I decided to download a good variety of different things for her to try. I like finding her games that she’s also learning from. These are some great ones as well that don’t require wifi!

  1. Emoji Blitz (its like Candy Crush but much easier for kids! Nova loves it!)
  2. Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop
  3. ABC Match
  4. Fruit Ninja
  5. Quick Math Jr.
  6. Disney Jigsaw
  7. Fruit Pop
  8. Dino Dots
  9. Pet World
  10. Monster Dentist

Lastly, Nova LOVES horses so I went through a bunch of horse games that she would be able to understand at her age! So far she’s loved the following:

  1. Horse World 3D
  2. Horse Feeding and Care
  3. Horse Spa and Dress Up

What apps do you rely on to entertain the little ones!? I love to hear about new things to show Nova – especially if they help her learn something new!

I ordered this case and headphones! Both were a huge hit! She can hear her iPad over our music no problem. Her last headphones we could barley have the music on and she still couldn’t hear whatever she was watching on our phones or the tv in the head rest of the truck!

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