Sensory For Toddlers

Since I started babysitting I have been looking for new new sensory ideas for younger children. I like sensory where the mess is contained to a ziploc bag! This also avoids anything going into small children’s mouths.

The first thing I tried was putting Orbeez (or water beads) into a ziploc bag and taping them to a flat surface. In our case – the coffee table.

The moment Rylie walked in, she went right to the bag! She spent so much time moving around the beads and trying to squish them in the bag. Great way to get the littles using those hands. If you have a place in your house where your child can touch a window easily – try a window bag.

I have also put water beads into a small ziploc freezer bag and taped that shut! Just add a bit of water to the bag along with the beads. I use freezer bags because they are more durable then the normal sandwich bags. Less chance of a broken bag!

The next thing I tried was paint in a ziploc bag. I loved the mess free painting! I had this one set up when I babysitting two girls – they both loved it! Try putting a piece of paper in before the paint and then you will have a piece of artwork to remove from the bag when your child is finished.

Next on my list to try was shaving cream colour mixing. Another sensory bag where the mess in contained and can provide hours of entertainment! All you need is a large freezer ziploc bag, two paint colours, shaving cream and tape (I used painters tape as that’s what I could find). I put yellow paint in one corner of the bag, and blue paint in the other corner. Add shaving cream to the bag then tape it shut! Super easy!

TIP: Do not try to stuff the whole bag with shaving cream as it could pop once the littles begin to squish it. Flatten it down so that most of the air is gone as well before taping it shut.

Rylie had so much fun with this bag! She was tossing it all over the place and squishing like crazy!

Looking for other toddler sensory ideas? These are all things I have saved to try at our house!

What sensory ideas do you use in your household? I’d love to see them! I am always looking for new things to try at home.

10 thoughts on “Sensory For Toddlers”

  1. I tried the paint in ziploc in my classroom and my students emjoyed it so much! What I like about ziploc sensory activities is that it’s practically mess-free! I will definitely try this with my nephew at home. Thanks for listing other alternatives. 😁


  2. Yeah, I love messy activities, too! I guess balance is key. 🙂 Children need to be exposed to messy activities, too, so they’ll learn how to clean up. But honestly, who doesn’t like mess-free activities? 😂


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