Colour Changing Flowers

Spring has sprung and I couldn’t be happier to see everything turning green and all of the flowers starting to bloom. Last year we decided to plant a garden out front, and this year we planted another one by our back fence (all thanks to my mom)! Makes me so happy seeing all of the bright colours around the house.

Nova and I had gone to the grocery store to grab something and we saw that the garden centre was open and that they had received a ton of new flowers inside as well. Nova saw a blue hydrangea and begged and begged that we buy it for the house! These were my nanas favourite flowers so I couldn’t turn them down!

I noticed some white flowers and told Nova about an experiment I saw awhile back where you can change the colour of the flowers by adding food colouring to the water. Nova got so excited and asked if we could go home and try! I only had Nova for the afternoon, so I told her we could get them and start the experiment the next day when I saw her again.

I brought the flowers home after dropping Nova with her mom, and put them into water for the night. The next day I took her to school and told her we’d start the experiment after school! She couldn’t wait.

All you’ll need is white flowers, glasses or vases of water and food colouring.

We had dark green, light green, blue and purple food colouring. Use a glass for each colour you want to try!

Cut the stems of the flowers and separate them into how ever many glasses you are using – in our case, four.

This experiment needs time to show the full results so you’ll need to have patience! I was so surprised that some of the colours started to come through within a few hours! Below you can see the blue and green coming through a bit, but it takes days for the good results!

Day #2:

Day #3:

It is very hard to tell in the pictures how much the dark green and blue actually came through by day three. It’s much better in person! The light green also came through quite well but with the colour being light, it’s not a huge change from white. The purple barley came through at all and those flowers began to die quite quickly! I’m still not sure on why…

This was the blue and dark green after about a week and a half! They were starting to wilt now, but this shows the colours a bit better. I really wish we would’ve had red food colouring at the time. I’d recommend using blue, green and red for this experiment.

I love how happy she is when we do crafts and experiments. She lights right up! My favourite 🤗

Have you tried this experiment? I’d love to see your results! Contact me via Facebook or email.

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