Coffee Filter Butterflies

When we started making crafts, one of the first things we did was make butterflies with clothes pins and pipe cleaners. I can still remember the day that we made about 10 different crafts and covered the whole kitchen island with them all. That began our love of crafting together!

Nova had been talking about those butterflies and asked me to find another butterfly craft for us to try. When I saw these coffee filter butterflies, I knew she’d enjoy doing them. She loves using bingo daubers.

Nova was at school when I found this on Pinterest, so I pulled out the supplies we would need and put them on the kitchen table so that we could make them after I picked her up from school.

Grab a coffee filter (or two), bingo daubers, clothes pin(s), a pipe cleaner(s), a spray bottle with water in it, and some sort of tray. Place your coffee filter onto the tray before you begin! I have two on it in the picture but we only did one at a time.

Give your child some bingo daubers and let them cover the coffee filter. Make it bright and colourful!

Once your child has finished with the bingo daubers, have them spray the filter with the water bottle – try not to soak it, but make sure you’ve gotten enough water so that the colours will bleed together.

This needs to dry ENTIRELY before you can do anything with it! I let it sit for awhile and then turned it over. I moved it after awhile to beside the sink because the sun was coming in at the window! Helped it dry much faster.

I love seeing colours bleed together! It looks so pretty. Nova was so excited when she saw this result! Now it’s time to grab your clothes pin. Scrunch the top and the bottom of the coffee filter together so that you can open up the clothes pin and clamp it in.

Nova then took a silver and a gold pipe cleaner and twisted them together. I cut off two pieces so that she could glue on some antennas! So sweet!

This is a great craft for making multiples and trying different patterns! So many colour options!

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