Black Glue Art 🖤

I have been in the process of planning more workshops for multiple age groups and this is one of the crafts that caught my attention. Of course I planned on trying it before hand and Nova said she wanted to help!

As I’ve stated before Nova jumps on anything ocean or sea animal related, so when I showed her the different ocean themed templates I found for this craft, she went crazy! Before choosing the seahorse she yelled “can we do them all?!”. I told her if she liked doing the sea horse that we would print out some more templates.

Our materials included: white cardstock, Elmer’s white glue, purple acrylic paint, black food colouring, the sea horse template and watercolours.

Nova was working on a butterfly craft followed by eating lunch, so I started to make the back glue. Since we didn’t have black acrylic paint, I used a dark purple and just added a bit of black food colouring to the bottle of glue.

TIP: You don’t want the bottle of glue to be completely full as it’ll be much harder to mix. I grabbed a bottle we had used a time or two so there was some room at the top. I also recommend using the black acrylic glue but we just improvised with what we had! You could really make your glue whatever colour you wanted! Just be sure you don’t add too much food colouring or your glue will become runny.

It took me a bit to get it mixed together and I ended up using a wooded skewer to help push the paint down a bit more. You do need to be quite precise with your glue lines for this craft so I recommend an older child or adult doing that part!

I started on the outline for the sea horse while Nova ate her lunch. We let this one sit over night as we were working on another craft as well – but as long as your glue is dry you’re good to begin!

Now all that’s left to do is set up your water colours! Nova was so excited when she saw the glue was dried!

Nova began using her water colours to fill in each white space! You don’t need much as you want to avoid making the paper too wet if you’re using cardstock instead of water colour paper.

This kept Nova occupied for quite awhile! She is very particular when she does paintings or drawings! And she was so happy when she was finished! She said it was one of her favourite crafts we’ve done and that she couldn’t wait to try it again. Stay tuned to a Mother’s Day version we have in mind ❤️

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