Tin Foil Ocean

One morning I was babysitting for a friend of ours and I had searched the night before for some crafts that were suitable for her age. I saw this one and knew it would be a hit! Plus we had all of the supplies already.

Nova loves any craft that has to do with the ocean or animals of any kind. I used her love of those things to pick this one for Taylor! I didn’t have Nova this morning, but I know she’d like to try this one as well.

Grab a piece of tin foil (size is up to you), blue paint, a q-tips or paintbrush and some ocean stickers. I get the $1 packs of foam stickers from Walmart. Tons of different shapes and animals to choose from.

I put the tin foil in front of Taylor and put some blobs of blue paint in different spots. We had both paintbrushes and a-tips so that it was different sizes of “waves”.

She continued to mix around the blue to make the ocean! When she was finished she began placing the sea creature foam stickers all over the place!

We had fish, sea shells, seaweed, octopus and sea horses! This is great for younger children because as I handed stickers to Taylor, she’d say the animal or object! Makes learning fun and they don’t even know their doing it!

This was her final result! How sweet is she!She was so excited to bring it home to her mom and dad. She kept saying “I’m going to bring it home!” over and over! I’ll definitely set this up for Nova one day – I know she’ll love making another ocean craft!

The link that gave me the idea is no longer available, but here is another to reference! I love this one because they use a piece of cardboard and wrap the tin foil around it so it’s a hard surface! Would keep better this way since tin foil crumples so easily.

Looking for another ocean activity for your toddler? Try this ocean sensory bag!

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