Tape Resistant Art

It’s funny to me that I’m making a post on this craft because it’s actually one of the first crafts Nova ever made! Way back when she became interested in crafting and we began stocking up on supplies and planning future crafts.

Nova gets really excited for canvas crafts (even though we do too many and I have no where to put them!). I had just received my latest Amazon order which included these glitter paints. I was trying to figure out a craft that we do could with them, that a 16 month old could also do!

I have been babysitting Curtis’ cousins daughter during the week, so I have been searching for crafts and activities for her age group – but also things that both Nova and Rylie can do together.

I loved the idea of redoing the tape art that we had previously done, and doing one for Rylie as well. All you need is a canvas, masking or painters tape, paints of your choice and paintbrushes (these are my favourite ones!).

I started off by taping a “N” to the middle of one canvas, and a “R” to the middle of another. I set the girls up with some paints and a water cup.

Nova went on painting as she always does and I helped Rylie with hers.

Ensure the entire canvas is painted (or at least all around the tape) and then let it dry. When it’s dry, rip off the tape and see your final result! This was Novas.

And Rylies was done with the blue and purple sparkly paints!

There are so many other ways to do tape resistant art as well. It’s so simple to set up and the result is always awesome!

I would love to have Nova make a few more of these and put four of them together hung on the wall! Have you tried tape resistant art before? I’d love to see your results! Email me at ashleycatton@hotmail.com 💕

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