Blow Art Monsters

Do you have a little monster lover in your house? There isn’t much that Nova doesn’t like, and I like to change up the types of crafts and experiments we are doing to keep her intrigued. Some afternoons we do multiple crafts, and sometimes we are too busy to do any! We are always out on the go, so the days we decide to stay home and “relax”, we usually end up doing a couple different crafts.

Since getting her water colours for Christmas, Nova has been really excited to try new pieces of art with them. We were looking through water colour crafts and came across these blow art monsters. Grab your water colours, a piece of stock paper, and a straw. You can always use some round stickers to place as “eyes” and then remove afterwards. Nova wanted to use a couple red stickers in placement of the eyes. I then helped her splat on some water colours to her paper and she began to blow it around with the straw!She kept blowing it around until she was happy with her monster!Unfortunately the stickers wouldn’t come off the paper, so she drew onto the stickers instead!

This is another one of those crafts that are quick and easy, but will also never look the same so you could do it over and over and I doubt it’ll get old!

Looking for some other monster crafts? These paper bag monsters are super cute! Or these craft stick monsters! We actually made these a long time ago and they were so cute!!

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