Secret Watercolour Messages

You know those white crayons that never get used? That sit in the crayon box for who only knows how long? I came across this way to use them and it’s really cool!

Nova and I were hanging around the house one afternoon and decided to try out a few simple crafts after making floam. I had seen these secret watercolour messages on Pinterest and loved the idea! Nova loves doing hunts and I felt like she’d like this too! Somewhat like a hunt, but on paper.

This reminds me a bit of I Spy, which I loved as a kid. I brought all my books from when I was younger for Nova when I loved to Fort McMurray. You’ll need white paper (we used stock paper so that it was thicker), watercolours, a bowl of water and a white crayon. I starting drawing some shapes on the paper and had Nova cover her eyes. She got so excited when I told her she got to use her watercolours again – this time to find hidden secrets! Nova started using her watercolours to paint the paper and look for shapes. Her face lighting up with excitement every time she started to see a shape form. I had to keep helping her spread the colour as she always paints on too thick – whether it’s paint or watercolours. The trick here is you need to put the watercolour on very thin. Makes seeing the secret messages much easier. I also would go over the shapes or message in the white crayon a few more times so that it’s thicker! I made a second one with “I love you daddy” for Nova to make for Curtis. She loves making things for him while he’s at work. Lovely surprise for when he gets home! She was so happy and couldn’t wait for him to see it. She was only with me for the afternoon, but I promised I’d leave it out for when Curtis got home that night from work. I love doing these types of crafts because there’s so many possibilities and you can change up what the secret message is, or even what colours you use to find it! We used a lot of watercolours to do this one so I’ll have to order another palette soon! I found the link here! There are so many great ideas on this page! I will be trying these dinosaur eggs soon!

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