So pretty much any child already obsessed with slime is going to feel the same about floam! The only difference here is one extra ingredient to the slime recipe you’re already using!

Nova and I had actually attempted this not long after our first batch of slime, but unfortunately I screwed it up! I thought I had purchased the foam balls from amazon but I actually got these little plastic bead type things, which of course didn’t stick and just made a huge mess! I was finding those beads for way to long after that!

Grab your usual slime ingredients – for us that is Sta-Flo liquid starch, Elmers white glue and whatever fillers we are using that day. In this case, blue food colouring, glitter and foam balls. I purchased these from Amazon and it’s an awesome deal! You’ll get multiple batches out of this.

Nova gets so excited to organize all the ingredients together because she knows I’ll be taking a picture of her with them!

Mix your glue, starch, food colouring and glitter as per our usual recipe until you get the slime consistency you’re looking for.

Now it’s time to add the foam balls! Nova wanted white and pink so we added half a bag of each. I realized after you could definitely add more then that. I’d do two whole bags if we do it again!

Nova was so excited to play with this one! She’s been dying to make it for quite awhile now.

I’ve been buying the small containers of fruit that they have made up at the grocery store and keeping the containers after to store slime! They are perfect and don’t wreck your good Tupperware!

The foam balls will end up at the top after you let it sit!

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