Activities For All Ages

As promised I have put together learning and motor skills activities, experiments and crafts for more age groups! I’ve always based what I’ve done on Novas age, but now that I am starting to obtain followers with younger and older children, I am adding in more ideas for everyone! I can say I have not actually done all of these, but the instructions are in each link for you!

These age ranges are just approximate as all children do and learn things at different paces. I am using my own discretion on age categories, but you can use your own as you know your child best!

AGES 1-3

  • Sticky Walls – This is a fantastic indoor motor skills activity. There are so many ways to set this up! Be prepared for some cutting and prep work! I am thinking of setting one up on the side of our island. This rainbow wall is also great to work on colours! If you’re feeling really artsy and creative, try a felt board!
  • Animal Rescue Sensory Bin – I love sensory bins and the possibilities are endless! Add any kind of animal, plastic toy, tools. Use water, rice, water beads, sand. Endless!! For a younger age group I think water with animals in it is a fantastic idea and easy cleanup too.
  • Painting With Circles – Work on hand eye coordination with little clean up!
  • Button Sorting – This is fantastic for matching up colours, as well as hand eye coordination. Plus once your child has sorted all the buttons, they’ve also cleaned up this activity and all you need to do is put away the cups! Try these sorting activities with stickers and pom poms as well!
  • Crafting – See 50 crafts to do with your two year old!

AGES 4-6

  • Letter Scavenger Hunt – I have added this one to my list! Your child will need to find an item starting with every letter of the alphabet!
  • Shaving Cream Art – Your child will love seeing the colours mix into the shaving cream!
  • Sticker Name – This is an excellent way to have your child practice their name! Plus they’ll have fun using the stickers.
  • Sugar Sand – I love this idea for a sensory bin, or to add to a sand table outdoors!
  • Crumpled Paper Art – I’ve also added this to my list! I love how cool this looks when it’s finished!
  • Balloon Tennis – We’ve done this before! It’s a fun indoor activity for one of those cold or rainy afternoons, or for having a sports night at home!
  • Self Portraits – Let your child get creative and paint or draw themselves!
  • Tape Resistant Art – We’ve done this before on a canvas and its actually hanging in Novas room! We taped a big “N” on the centre and she painted around it! This is great for so many ages! Plus it’s a great keepsake.
  • Bottle Rockets – Any child will watch this and be amazed! We plan on doing this with Nova in the summer!

AGES 7-10

  • Black Glue Mandalas – These look absolutely amazing! Would make a great addition to your child’s room! See all the different patterns they’ve used as well!
  • Kandinsky Inspired Art – This is another watercolour project completely worthy of framing afterwards! Love all the hearts.
  • Dart Balloon Painting – Use your own discretion for what age is good for this one. Whenever you feel your child is able to aim the dart safely. What a cool idea!
  • Bouncy Balls – Make your own from scratch! Your kids will love this!

AGES 11+

  • Marble Nail Polish Craft – These would be awesome coasters! Could also make these as a gift for a teen to give!
  • Canvas String Art Graffiti – This is great for an art piece on your teens wall! Plus they’ll have made it themselves!
  • Emoji Crafts – Using kids I know in the 10+ age, emojis are a huge hit! There are so many fun ideas for teens here!
  • Tie Dye Techniques – Your teen will love making a one of a kind tie dye shirt or bag!
  • DIY Bath Bombs – Bath bombs are such a hit with the kids, why not try making some from scratch!
  • Colour Block Candles – Use melted crayons to make your own candles!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to different ways to entertain your children. I hope I’ve been able to guide you in the right direction with new ideas. If you end up doing any please email me some pictures! I love seeing results 😊

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