Keepsakes and Gifts

As I’ve said before, I love handprint and footprint crafts. They are perfect for keepsakes or gifts, plus your kids will have fun getting a little messy! Nova always giggles when I start painting her hand because she says it tickles.

Nova had a sleepover one Saturday night and Nova and I were at home doing crafts before we went out to pick up Curtis from work. We were scrolling through Pinterest for something to do on a canvas. We came across this handprint bouquet. Nova said she wanted to try that one and I told her it would be a nice gift for her mom. She loved that idea and started picking out her pint colours.

We started off by painting her left hand blue. Followed by her right hand pink and then her left hand red.

I had Nova set her hand down and then I lightly pushed on her hand to make sure the print showed up. She then pulled her hand straight up as not to smudge the colours together.

We let the handprints dry while we went to pick up Curtis from work – and when we got back we added on the flower stems.

We had to let the stems dry completely before painting on the bow so that the green wouldn’t mix into the orange. Nova wanted me to do this part for her.

I added “Nova 2018” to the bottom and the next morning we put “I love you, mom” onto the top. Nova brought it to give to her mom when I dropped her off the next morning. Great keepsake!

On the Sunday morning before I brought Nova back to her moms, we started another handprint canvas. This one was for Curtis as his birthday was coming up a few days after. He was at work so it was the perfect time to make something. This would always be a great Father’s Day gift!

For this one you’ll need black, green and red paints as well as a canvas. I like to buy the flat ones that can be leaned up against something or used on a stand. This way I can swap out which one is displayed and when!

We started off by painting Novas hand red – giggles coming out of her the whole time. We stuck her hand right into the middle of the canvas and then turned it around so that her hand print was upside down.

Somehow we ended up with a few red marks on the top but hey, it adds character!

Next paint on the leaves of the berry!

While that was drying, I wrote “I love you berry much daddy” around the canvas. Lastly Nova used black paint and made fingerprints to look like seeds! I hid this in one of my drawers until the day after Curtis’ birthday (when Nova came back with us for a week) so that she could give it to him herself, along with the card she made him! I love homemade gifts and cards. We never buy cards, Nova always makes them! I also like doing that because it’s another reason for Nova to practice writing! I write it out on a piece of paper and she copies it onto her cards.

Are you looking for some other keepsakes or gifts? Something for mom or dad? Something to put up around the house? I have found so many ideas that I’m sure you’ll love!

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