Orbeez Slime

Nova and her love of slime grows stronger by the hour. We could make a different batch every single day and she would love each one as just much as the last. When I came across Orbeez slime I knew Nova would freak out! She absolutely loves these water beads! And I have to admit it, they are pretty cool!

Nova got a couple packs of these from Santa a few Christmases ago, and for the winter months she just played with them in a large bucket and added in some of her plastic animals. Once summertime hit, we bought her a water table and put them in there! She had so much fun playing with them outside like that! She’s been asking when the snow will be gone so that we can do it again.

Of course when I told Nova that we were going to mix two of her favourite things into one…. she squealed in excitement! I had put a blue pack of water beads in a Tupperware container so that they would have already grown and be ready to go when I picked her up from school a few days later. We stopped for lunch at Boston Pizza and she wolfed it down, wanting to get right home.

We got our supplies together – Elmer’s white glue and Sta-Flo liquid starch. We wanted to be able to see the beads easily so we planned just to make white slime! We’ve never done that before.

Dump your bottle of glue into the bowl. Once you’ve emptied most of the glue, add a small amount of water to the glue bottle, then it up then dump it into the bowl. This gets any excess glue from the bottle.

Start adding your 1/4 cup of liquid detergent slowly and stir. Once it starts to form you’ll need to use your hands! Nova doesn’t like this part so it’s become my job. I don’t follow the recipe anymore, I just eyeball it, but you will use more then 1/4 cup for sure! I continue to add until it isn’t sticky anymore.

I continued to work the slime until it was no long sticky (Nova played with the water beads in the bowl during this time) and then she started to add the beads when the slime was ready.

It takes a lot of work to get those beads into the slime but it’ll happen! At first they will just keep falling out into the bowl but don’t give up!

Nova was so excited when this was done! Plus she had lots of water beads left over so she was playing in both bowls and having the best time! Kept her occupied for quite awhile 😛

You could definitely keep adding more water beads, but Nova didn’t want to wait anymore! She wanted to dive right in 😋

I got the idea to add Orbeez into our usual slime recipe after seeing this Toothpaste Orbeez Slime. I’ll be trying slime with toothpaste next! It’s amazing how many different ways you can make slime – I am determined to try them all and give you different options on how to make it.

If you have any other ideas for types of slime and you’d like us to give it a shot please let me know!

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