The Cutest Chick 🐥

Nova really likes feathers but we don’t usually need them for anything. While I was searching for Easter crafts this one came up and I knew Nova would jump on anything to do with feathers, plus she loves animal crafts.

She immediately noticed when the feathers on the table and asked what they were for. I told her a chicky craft and she wanted to make it right away!

I had printed out large Easter egg cut outs on each colour of stock paper we have. I had a yellow one and it was perfect for this! If you don’t have yellow card stock, just colour a white egg shape yellow.

I had the egg shape, legs and nose cut ahead of time. I also cut off the ends of all the feathers. I’m really enjoying having crafts prepped and ready and so is she!

Nova starting gluing on the body parts one at a time and decided to do the feathers last. She said she wanted to glue the feathers on the side to look like the chick had wings.

TIP: We used giant eyes for this one so that they would stand out more! We have a ton of different sizes of eyes in Novas craft drawers. Your local dollar store will have tons of sizes to choose from.

Nova finished gluing on all the feathers and then she said she wanted to add some flowers to her wings. I recently bought a flower punch and grabbed a ton of paint chips from the hardware store. I punched out a bunch of different colours for both the flower, as well as some small circles. I will absolutely be purchasing more punches in different shapes! I purchased this one from a local craft store downtown – Kathy’s Fiber Arts & Crafts.

Nova added decoration to the wings and also grabbed a pack of gold glitter to add a little sparkle! Nova was so proud of her chick and said she wants to make a few smaller ones so that it looks like her babies – she loves having moms and babies of everything! 🐥

I got the idea from this picture on Pinterest – but the link doesn’t work! It’s easy enough to see what materials you need from the picture though!

Novas final result!

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