The Many Ways To Decorate Eggs!

I love love love Easter! I feel like this Easter has been busier then Christmas! I was at the dollar store one afternoon getting a few things to make up Easter baggies for Novas class. While I was there I saw this adorable Easter plate for putting eggs on!

I grabbed one of these because I knew we would be decorating lots of eggs this year! Nova loves it. She had done two at school a few days prior and she was excited to make even more.

We started off with these Spin Art Easter Eggs. When I saw this one I headed right to the grocery store to find a salad spinner! And lucky for me there were some on sale at Independent for only $5! This idea is fantastic because all of the mess is kept inside a container and there’s no complaining about that!

All you need is a salad spinner, your boiled eggs and some paints!

Place a couple eggs in your spinner, add a bunch of paint, and spin!!

Nova added a bunch of bright colours and then gave the salad spinner a spin! She ended up with these! We also went ahead and did a few more with some other colours. You could definitely put more then two eggs in – we were just worried about them breaking! But they were fine!

Next up was Tie Die Eggs. I really liked this one! You definitely want to wear gloves doing this though because of how easily food colouring stains! Grab your eggs, pieces of paper towel, food colouring and a spray bottle with water in it.

Firstly wrap your egg up in the paper towel like this.

Then you add your food colouring drops. Since we had just done the salad spinner eggs, we did some of this one over top of the salad spinner. Helped with the mess!

Once you’ve put your food colouring drops onto the paper towel, spray it all with the spray bottle! This will make the colours run together and stain onto the egg.

Take your egg out and set aside. It’ll look way better when it dries!

Nova had done Shaving Cream Eggs at school and asked if we could do a red one that way. This is super easy! Just put some shaving cream in a bowl or muffin tin, add some food colouring, drop in an egg, and move the egg around with a spoon! Wipe off the shaving cream and let dry!

We did a few of our own ideas as well. Curtis made a minion and a ninja turtle, Nova drew a chick onto one, and I made a few using white crayon! If you write on the egg with a crayon before you dye it, what you wrote will stay white!

Looking for something for a younger age group?

Tin Foil Eggs are great for a younger group if you’re looking to avoid the food colouring. I liked this idea because it’s different then colouring or decorating a paper egg (even though we did that too!)

I used one of previously cut out egg templates to trace the shape onto some tin foil and then I cut them out. I also purchased a couple packs of coloured sharpies as we only had black ones at our house.

I cut Nova two eggs but she said she wanted me to do one with her so we each did one!

Just make sure your pressing really lightly when doing this one because the tin foil will get bunched up really easily.

You could also try Q-tip painting! Same idea, just instead of markers using Q-tips and paint on the tin foil instead!

Here are a few more ideas that would be great for both younger kids and older!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

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