Cotton Ball Bunnies 🐰

I have avoided having cotton balls in the house for awhile now because when Nova was three she made a huge mess with them in her room and I felt like I was finding them for a year to follow!! So I was recently grocery shopping and knew I had seen multiple crafts that use cotton balls and now that she’s a little older I knew she would just do the craft and not go off and make a mess.

This Paper Plate Bunny is adorable for Easter, but also could just as easily be a craft for any day since it’s a rabbit! Nova loves making animal crafts.

I thought about cutting out more foam shapes for the ears as we did in the bunny planter, but I decided to just cut out a bunny ear template on white stock paper instead.

Grab a paper plate, cotton balls, googly eyes, a pom pom, pipe cleaner (cut into 6 pieces), white or clear glue and an ear template or ones you’ve already cut out yourself using any other material.

I put glue around the whole top edge of the plate and Nova did a circle of cotton balls there first and then worked her way into the centre of the plate, covering it entirely.

TIP: If you don’t want to give your child a bottle of glue, pour some into a small bowl, or silicon muffin liner, and let them use a paint brush for the glue instead.

Once she was finished she glued on the eyes, nose and pipe cleaners.

Nova then cut out the ear templates. I liked doing it this way as it was a way to get her practicing with scissors!

Once she had them both cut out, she said she wanted to colour the middle section of the ears pink to match the picture she saw on the link.

And all that was left to do was glue on the ears! I hot glued them to the back of the plate so that they would dry right away.

Nova said when she finished “I think that was our quickest craft ever!”

I love the crafts where she takes over and practically does it all herself! She’s so smart and she’s so proud of herself when she’s finished.

Happy Easter from our family to yours! 🐰💕

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