Travelling With Kids – Las Vegas

When you hear someone say “Las Vegas” as an adult, the words gambling and partying come to mind I’m sure. But do you have any idea how much there is to do with kids? And that lots of it is FREE?

When I moved to Fort McMurray, my parents sold their house, bought a fifth-wheel trailer and decided they’d never live where there is snow again – you can be jealous… we are! For the winter months they up and move their camper down south. This years destination, Las Vegas.

When we first started planning a trip to visit my parents, I was concerned there wouldn’t be much for Nova to do outside of the resort. The resort where my parents are living has a pool so Nova would want to spend most of her time there anyways, but we wanted to spend a day out on the strip and wanted to make sure she had fun also. It’s a lot of walking around so we wanted to make sure we were making stops that she’d enjoy.

Other then the M&M, Hershey and Coca-Cola stores, I wasn’t sure what else she’d enjoy doing that wouldn’t cost us a fortune. My dad told her that about those stores and how he’d take her there – and of course he told her so far in advance that she asked every single day when we were going!

There are a ton of shows in Vegas that are family friendly, but they can be very expensive and most of them didn’t match up to our trip dates. I started searching online for “free things to do with kids in Vegas”, and I was amazed at the things I found! I made a list and texted it over to my dad. He said he would look at them and see what the best order was to do them so that we could start at one end of the strip and work our way along.

I’ll start with the things we did do, and at the end of the post I’ll have some links for what we didn’t get around too seeing! There’s no way you’ll see or do it all in one trip unless you’re staying for awhile.

We didn’t get in until 6:30pm on St. Patrick’s Day, so we knew we wouldn’t be doing too much that night. Since Curtis’ birthday was a few days before, we decided to hit the strip for a few hours while Nova visited with my parents and played with their two dogs. She’s been dying to see them all so we knew we could sneak out for a bit.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast, and all Nova could talk about was getting to M&M’s World! We knew that had to be the first thing we did. It is free to go to the store of course, but I promise you you’ll end up spending money there. As soon as we walked in Nova was in awe. This is a four level store, so make sure you aren’t rush for time when you get in there.

The first floor is apparel and other items. On the second floor they have a wall of M&Ms. Seriously, a whole wall! 22 different kinds! ⬇️

The third floor they have some apparel and other trinkets. They literally have everything and anything you can think of in this store. There’s also a fun statue with some characters by a “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign!

To finish off on the third floor, there’s a little 3D movie theatre! There are multiple movie times throughout the day and it’s free! Nova loved this! The movie was about 10 minutes and was quite cute.

Lastly, the top floor. Up there they have more apparel, as well as a ton of M&M NASCAR stuff! Plus you can take your picture with a race car!

Next stop was the Coca-Cola store. We popped in here because it was just a few doors down from M&M World. I told Nova that maybe we’d see a big polar bear inside that she could take a picture with… and to my surprise as soon as we walked in a huge polar bear came walking out of the back! Perfect timing! Nova was a little scared of him at first so we all went up for a photo together.

We didn’t buy anything in here (even though there was some really cool stuff!) as Nova was in a rush to go to Hershey’s Chocolate World! This is just across the street from the other two.

As soon as you walk up there is a giant Hershey Kiss and chocolate bar. Nova thought these were the cutest and ran straight to them!

And as soon as we walked in there was a chocolate bar mascot! The smile on her face says it all.

We walked around in here for awhile and filled up a couple bags with Hershey Kisses from the wall. They have a wall similar to M&M World. Novas poppy loves chocolate so she made up a bag of kisses to bring home to him, and picked out a coffee mug for her nan. They even had Hershey Kiss shaped bath bombs! We got those for Nova to take home to her older sister, Amelia, who is 10 years old.

We finished up here and were on a mission to get to the Flamingo Hotel. I saw that they have a habitat inside the hotel with flamingos, pelicans, turtles, koi fish and other birds! They have pelican feedings at 8:30am and 2:00pm so I was hoping we could get there for 2pm.

We had to walk down the road a bit to catch one of the trams to the Bellagio. We had asked someone on the strip and they said that would get us close by.

We rode the tram for all of two minutes. We had to walk through the Bellagio (which is gorgeous by the way) and we ended up seeing so much from this stop! Inside they have an area called the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, and the theme was Japanese Spring. I had seen this on a list of free things to do in Vegas, but didn’t think much of it. But I stand corrected! It was gorgeous!

Nova loves flowers so she lit up when she saw this area! She liked the turtle with flowers on it’s shell the best.

Once we finished wandering around in there, we headed out to the front of the building, and lucky for us the fountains were going! I hadn’t seen this show last time I went to Vegas. It’s so cool! I want to go back again as we only caught the end of a song. Plus I’d love to see it at night time!

I also got the cutest picture of Nova as the water was spraying her from the wind 😍

This is an amazing spot for photos! Especially on a nice sunny day! The sky was so blue and clear.

We had to make this stop somewhat quick as we still had to walk about 10 minutes to the Flamingo Hotel and we were trying very hard to get there for the 2pm feeding…. and we did it!

It was beautiful in there! Nova loved seeing all the animals! She always talks about how she wants to save animals when she grows up. She absolutely adores every animal and we love getting the chance to take her different places to see them.

There was a beautiful waterfall in there too. We took the opportunity to get a couple pictures by it! So amazing that all of this is inside a hotel (well it’s outside but you enter it from inside the hotel).

There was so much more on my list for Nova to see but there’s so much walking to do in Las Vegas that you just don’t have a lot of time if you only stay a couple days! Plus we were only taking her out to the strip that one afternoon as it was a short trip.

We ended up catching a cab from here back up the strip to where my parents parked their car. So much walking!

Where we were staying was right across from the Silverton Hotel, which has a free aquarium as well as… MERMAIDS. When I saw this there was absolutely no way we were going to miss that. Nova is obsessed with mermaids. They are only in the aquarium Thursdays-Sundays so make sure you plan accordingly! We got in Saturday night and we’re leaving Tuesday so we knew it had to be Sunday.

We didn’t tell Nova about this. We went to the hotel for supper (Johnny Rockets – my absolute fav!) and told her we had a surprise after she finished eating! Well of course she wolfed down some chicken fingers and was ready to get onto whatever it was we had planned!

When we walked up we got her to turn around and close her eyes. Curtis lifted her up so that her back would be to the mermaids. Her reaction was priceless. The video says it all!

Of course when we got there one of the mermaids was just finishing up, and there was a 15 minute break before another one starts, but they have a waterfall outside Bass Pro Shop (which is right beside the aquarium), as well as some large fish so that kept her entertained while we waited!

15 minutes flew by and another mermaid came down! It was amazing because she would come right up to the window and interact with the kids. Nova was in heaven! I even put her in a “mermaids do it better” shirt before we went there! Her nan bought it as she knew about the mermaid surprise!

Best part, this was also free! When we got back to the car Nova said “well that was the best surprise” and as long as she was happy, we were too!

I’d recommend if you travel to Las Vegas during the warm weather that you stay somewhere with an outdoor pool, especially if your littles love to swim! We were so happy that the RV Resort had one. We spent an entire day out there and Nova was so content. She loves swimming and going to the pool here in town, but outdoor pools are even better!

It doesn’t get much better then that! The resort usually has both a family pool and an adult pool, but the adult one was being renovated. Still tons of room in the family pool though! Nova was having the time of her life! They also had sand around the pool area so she had a lot of fun playing in there too.

She loves jumping off the edge into the pool so Curtis started taking slow-mo videos of her! Too funny!

There is so much more to do in Vegas that we just didn’t have time to do! These were some of the other things I had seen that I’m sure your kids will love! It’s not all free, but a handful is!

My parents plan on staying at this resort again next winter so we will absolutely go back to visit. Cross off a couple more things off the list, and stay a little longer too!

1. Circus Circus has free circus acts all days starting at 11am!

2. Town Square Children’s Park & Playground. Shopping for the adults, play area for the kids!

3. Fall Of Atlantis at Caesars Palace. This is one I am upset we didn’t get to make it too! It’s just a 10 minute free show but I heard great things about it!

4. Volcano eruption at the Mirage!

5. High Roller. This is a huge Ferris wheel like ride and it is near where the Flamingo habitat is! All ages are welcome.

6. Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre. I am so disappointed that our dates didn’t line up for this! Nova saw a video and wanted to see it so badly!

And the list goes on! There is so much to do in Las Vegas for everyone! I recommend visiting in the warmer months, but watch out for how hot it can get in the summer! It’s hard to even go outside with how hot it is! Plus I like going somewhere warm when there’s still snow on the ground at home. Nice break from the long winter.

You are almost guaranteed to see people dressed up on the strip! Nova saw both Minnie Mouse and the Cookie Monster! Just be prepared to tip them after you take any pictures… some can get a little angry if you don’t…

I hope I was able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to travelling to Vegas with your kids! If you’re looking to keep your children occupied on the plane, check out my airplane entertainment!

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