Bunny Flower Pot 🐰🍃

It happens more often then not that a new craft or experiment becomes my favourite…. well this is definitely high on the list! This craft is adorable and also very personable if you want to make it for a family member or friend. In Novas case, she made this for her nan – Curtis’ mom, Sheila.

Nova has asked many time to buy foam sheets and do a craft with those. I’m honestly horrible at cutting out shapes without a template and we just never did crafts that needed foam sheets – until now! In the actual link they use felt but I took the opportunity to pick up some foam sheets for Nova to use. Personally I think foam is the better option but absolutely both would work!

I had pre-cut the shapes she would need the week previous. I will definitely start doing this more often as it really cuts down on the preparation time! I still need to pull out some things, but having the shapes cut is so helpful.

We took a trip that morning to Dunvegan Gardens to pick out a house plant for after we had completed the planter. We were hoping there would be some colourful plants but this time of year there isn’t a ton to choose from. Nova really liked this one though so she was happy!

Begin by painting or spray painting the tin can white!

You’ll need pink and white foam or felt sheets, a empty and washed tin can, white paint or spray paint, googly eyes and a hot glue gun. You’ll also need a plant but that can always be purchased or added at another time.

Now that the can is painted and dried, you can begin adding on the ears. I did a line of hot glue and Nova stuck the pink part of the ears onto the centre of the white.

Hot glue the ears onto the can. There was a spot where you could still see the sticker from the cans label, so I glued the ears there so that part would be at the back. If you follow the link and spray paint the can white, you won’t have that issue, we just didn’t have spray paint!

Next up, the feet! Glue the pink pieces onto the white and then glue it to the can.

Next is the googly eyes and the nose! Add a pom pom tail too! It doesn’t get much cuter then this!

Oh I lied…. it does get cuter! ⬆️

If you already have a plant, it’s time to put it into your planter! 🌱

Want to try it? http://www.weknowstuff.us.com/2016/03/bunny-planters.html

Novas nan loved her gift!

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