Bunny In The Grass 🐰🌱

Easter is a holiday that I have always loved. It’s such a joyful time for the entire family. When I was younger I absolutely loved doing egg hunts, dying eggs and spending the holiday with a ton of family.

As much as I enjoyed all that as a child, it’s even better having a child to do these things with! Nova really likes Easter too and I’m so grateful to be spending a third Easter with Curtis and Nova.

While Nova was away with her mom one week, I started preparing crafts so that we could easily do one at any time. After I picked Nova up to bring her back to our house for the week, she saw all the different things on the kitchen table and went crazy! She just wanted to do them all so quick. I told her we had to try to make them last a few days at least 😋

We ended up doing three of the Easter crafts on the same day! And somehow there are still so many to try!

We started off with a bunny craft. I had everything cut out and in a ziploc ready to go. I pulled up the picture on my phone and let Nova do her thing!

Nova used her purple glue stick and started by gluing the body behind the grass as well as the white section of the ears.

For this craft I used stock paper as I usually do!

I love these disappearing purple glue sticks. Makes it much easier for children to see what spot they have glued and then it dries and the purple is gone!

Afterwards, flip the bunny over and glue on the pink part of its ears, as well as a nose and some eyes!

Once she finished that she grabbed a black pencil crayon to draw on the whiskers! Nova also said she wanted to add in some glitter somewhere too!

She ran to the craft room and came out with some silver glitter. She asked me to make some swirly lines on the ears so she could glitter them up!

And just like that she had an adorable bunny! Almost as adorable as she is!

Want to try it!? https://www.craftymorning.com/paper-bunny-hiding-in-the-grass-craft/

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