Oil Pastels

I can’t even remember the last time I used oil pastels or what I would’ve used them for. I’m thinking middle school art class? It wasn’t a material that crossed my mind until amazon had these oil pastels as an add on item. I decided why not! I’m sure something will come up where we could use them. This was one of the items in Novas stocking this past Christmas.

I came across this oil pastel shamrock and loved all of the colours! It looked so neat. I was saving it to my Pinterest board as Nova came over to sit with me and of course she saw it and wanted to do it that second!

I used the same shamrock template that we used for the sun catchers. I love how wide the border of the clover is which is why I keep using this template.

I printed off another clover, (well two actually because she wanted me to make one with her!) onto white stock paper and Nova grabbed her unopened pack of pastels.

Nova started to outline hers with orange and then yellow. I told her it looked like fire colours! The link I found this from does a rainbow shamrock which I think looks awesome! Nova wanted to make her own design! She is very creative.

I used a purple outline and then a dark green followed by a light green for my shamrock.

Once we were both finished, I cut them out around the border. Nova has a plan to hang them from the fan like we did with our snowflakes at Christmas time! (She also decorated an Easter egg with pastels so there’s a mix of holidays up there now).

Want to try it?https://pin.it/zj5v7uvgcgdnnr

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