St. Patrick’s Day Slime

Another day, another batch of slime! I swear that Nova will never get tired of making slime. Even though most of the time it’s the same recipe with a different colour or type of confetti in it, she still loves every single batch we make!

We had attended “Little Shamrocks” at the library a few days prior where the kids made some slime as one of the activities. Nova made hers red, then told me she’d like to make a green slime at home for St. Patrick’s Day. I told her we could make a batch when she came back with us again.

Last time I was at the dollar store, I grabbed some confetti that had shamrocks and little leprechaun top hats. Nova was so excited when she saw this and said she wanted to add Shamrocks into the slime.

We gathered up our supplies. Elmer’s white glue, Sta-Flo liquid detergent (I get this from the US but I am sure you could use a different liquid detergent – I plan on buying a different kind to try it), green food colouring, shamrock confetti and glitter.

Firstly, dump the entire bottle of glue into your bowl. Once you’ve done so, add a small amount of water to the bottle, shake it and dump it into the bowl. This gets any extra glue that’s in the bottle.

Next, add your glitter and food colouring and stir it into the glue!

Slowly add in 1/4 cup of liquid detergent. From our experiences, you’ll need more then that but I just start adding little bits at a time until it’s no longer sticky. Same as I do with all of our slime recipes!

Nova called this “Tinkerbell Slime”. She said that the colour looked just like her dress which is totally true! We only had this light green colour, but a darker green would be way better!

You’ll have to start using your hands to mix in the liquid detergent once the slime starts to form.

We had some perfect slime and it was time to add confetti! You have to really work this into the slime.

Nova said this was one of her favourite slimes! Right up there with the fluffy slime.

Nova had gotten a pot of gold container from the library event and was sticking her slime in it! Looked like a witches brew.

I used the slime recipe I usually use for this one, but got the idea from here!

A few days later Nova and her aunt Cora-Leigh were playing with the slime and Nova figured out how to make it fart! And oh my goodness this went on for HOURS!

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