St. Patrick’s Day Letter Hunt

One of Novas favourite things to do is go on hunts. She’s always hiding things to go find again, or asking us to hide something for her to find. She loves pretending she’s going on “Easter egg hunts” so I decided to find some scavenger hunts that also involved some learning and practice of her alphabet! That way she’s having fun and learning – best of both worlds!

I was searching for St. Patrick’s Day activities when I came across this one and I knew we had to try it! It’s so simple to put together and it certainly helps to make learning fun.

I used a piece of green stock paper and the lid from the vinegar bottle that we use for experiments. I purchased the green coins from the dollar store, as well as some circle stickers (not shown in this photo – see below).

I made a circle for each letter of the alphabet and filled them in with lower case letters.

I then wrote capital letters onto the circle stickers and put one letter on each coin for the entire alphabet.

I had this prepared on the table and Nova saw it and asked what it was. I told her it was a scavenger hunt for another day!

I placed the coins all around the living room (I made them easy to find as there was so many and I didn’t want to forget where I hid any) and then left to pick Nova up from school one day. When we got home she didn’t even have her coat off when she noticed there was coins around. She knew exactly what time it was! Scavenger hunt time!

Nova put her letters sheet on the coffee table so that she could go run and grab a uppercase letter then bring it to the table to match it to its lowercase.

She went back and forth, back and forth. She did such a great job! There was only a few that stumped her a bit, but I told her to sing the alphabet to help!

She did the entire scavenger hunt on her own and she had so much fun! This would be so simple to change up into another type of hunt for something else. Numbers, letters, shapes, words. I’ll definitely be changing it up a bit and trying some more! And this doesn’t need to be specifically for St. Pattys Day either! Have fun with it!

I’d like to try this one again, but with the lowercase as the coins and uppercase to match. I also think it would be a good idea to make another sheet but mix up the alphabet so that it’s a little bit harder!

After doing this scavenger hunt, I came up with an Easter hunt for numbers! Stay tuned! 😋

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