Fluffy Slime 🦄

I can’t even count how many times Nova has asked to make fluffy slime. I would always forget to get another can of shaving cream when I went shopping as I didn’t want to use up all of Curtis’. It was a snowy day and we decided to spend the afternoon at home after we picked up Nova from school.

We stopped at the dollar store on the way home from school to grab a few craft supplies and some shaving cream. We told Nova we were going home to make fluffy slime after lunch and she was SO excited!

Making slime can certainly be time consuming and messy but Nova loves playing with it and she gets so excited. It’s worth it.

Firstly gather your materials. You’ll need shaving cream (preferably unscented but it still works it it’s scented – you’ll just have a strong smell of shaving cream), food colouring of your choice, Elmers white glue, baking soda and contact solution. Be sure you check the notes from the link we used as you need certain solution!

Firstly you’ll add the glue. I made sure to measure this part (I’m bad for just skipping measurements) because we did fluffy paint before and I added way too much glue.

I added the water and baking soda and Nova mixed it all together with her Frozen spatula that we use when making slime.

I then began to add shaving cream, (which I did not measure – just used my own discretion!) and Nova kept on stirring.

Once you feel that it’s nice and fluffy – start adding the constant solution 1 TBSP at a time. It’ll start forming slime right away but we used almost an entire mini bottle by the time we were done kneading it in to stop it from being super sticky.

It looks similar to a meringue at this stage! Depending on how you want to colour the slime, you can choose to do just one solid colour and add the food colouring to the bowl you’re using already, or split up the slime into a few more bowls before adding it and make a few different colours.

We chose to do three different colours so that it had the “unicorn poop” look.

I separated the mixture into three balls – leave 1/3 in the bowl we were already using and then 1/3 into two other small bowls. I added a few drops of food colouring to each and began to knead again. I recommend the adult does this as food colouring can be messy and it stains so easily.

As you can see we did a yellowish green, blue and pinkish purple.

Once these were finished I laid them out beside each other and gave them a couple twists to combine the colours a bit. I used one of our craft roasting pans for Nova to play with it in. It had some melted crayon from the pumpkin decorating we did – but that doesn’t effect the slime in anyway.

We nailed it on the colours! It definitely had the “unicorn poop” look that Nova was dying to have! 🦄

It doesn’t take long before it’s just a grey colour, but it was worth it for how excited she was while we made this!Want to try it? https://www.thebestideasforkids.com/fluffy-slime-recipe/

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