Sun Catchers ☘️

Saying we have an excessive amount of tissue paper in our house is an understatement! My mom always brings up a bunch when my parents come to visit because they get it cheaper and she always gets awesome colours! With Nova being 5, we are always attending birthday parties so it’s really handy to have!

I was looking up crafts that Nova could use tissue paper for, and I came across this sun catcher – it was perfect with St. Patrick’s Day coming up!

I printed out the shamrock template and cut out some tissue paper squares ahead of time so that they were ready when she wanted to make a craft. Over the last week I made quite a few craft preparations like that.

I had Nova hold the template so that I could tape pieces along the back. You need the front of it to the sticky for the tissue paper pieces.

Nova began to add pieces of green, blue and purple tissue paper to the shamrock. I wish we had dark green as well because light and dark green mix for this would’ve looked awesome!

I love this because you could use so many different templates and make whatever shape you wanted! Fit for any holiday.

Nova finished placing all of the tissue paper pieces, and I cut out the shape for her. We taped it to the window when it was finished!

How adorable is this!? So cute and it brightens up the kitchen as well! Nova said she wants to make three more St. Patrick’s Day crafts and hang them from each fan in the house.

TIP: I also found an Easter egg sun catcher. This one uses contact paper but I found using tape worked just as well for the shamrock and you’re more likely to have that lying around the house. Packing tape would be ideal as it’s wider, but we just used regular scotch tape!

Such an easy craft and Nova loves using tissue paper pieces! There’s so many different sun catcher ideas out there!

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