Finger Painting Pineapples 🍍

As I’ve said before, Nova has an obsession with pineapples. It’s quite the phase! This was another one of the crafts we found by just scrolling through Pinterest and seeing what popped up.

When Nova saw the pineapple, there was no going back from that one! I got her set up with a bunch of paint colours on a paper plate and a piece of white stock paper – I am so obsessed with stock paper! Makes crafting so much better! I buy it from Staples or Amazon and we have pretty much every colour! I can’t believe I didn’t start buying it sooner.

Nova was on a mission to do this one herself by counting how many finger prints they did and where! She ended up with a couple extra but that’s okay!

She said she wanted each row to be a different colour of prints. She went by row planning out which colour would go where.

She ended up with a bunch of spaced out dots but hey they don’t all turn out exactly like the picture! This is her own version! 😋

Nova asked me to draw a couple lines on the top so she knew how to make the stem of the pineapple.

She was so happy with the turnout. Ran right to Curtis to show him!

Want to try it?

This is actually a great craft for adults too! I love the way it was done in the link above!

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