Walking Water 💦

I love showing Nova easy experiments that take some time to show a result. She gets so excited going to check to see what kind of changes have occurred.

This one popped up on my Facebook news feed and I had saved it but forgot about it! I was going through the saved links and found quite a few things I forgot about.

It was outrageously cold again so Nova asked if we could stay in and do some “crafts and fun stuff inside”. I showed her the Walking Water experiment and she was all over that!

Grab three mason jars or glasses, two pieces of paper towel (we have the paper towel where you only rip off half a piece at a time – we only used two pieces which would be one cut in half if you have full sheets), and food colouring.

I filled up two of the mason jars with water and Nova added red to one and blue to the other. Leave the third one empty.

Fold your paper towel long wise and fold it over the rim of the mason jars so that half of it is in the red and half is in the empty jar. Do the same with the blue side.

And that’s it! Now we wait! This took way longer then I thought it would but it was fun to watch Nova constantly checking on it!

This was after about 4 hours – it was soaking into the paper towels but wasn’t quite mixing to make purple yet.

We had a family supper so we ended up leaving it for the night in the window sill. When we woke up…. there was purple! 💜 Nova was ecstatic when she saw it! She loves science experiments and seeing that end result.

Nova told me she wants to try it again with blue and yellow to make green!

Here’s another fun way to do the walking water experiment! Walking Rainbow! Great for St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

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