Hand Print Flamingos

Since I’ve gone back to work it’s been hard to keep up on the posts! I ended up with a flat tire on the way to work and had to take the day off to wait around for the tow truck. Thank goodness Curtis was off work. He picked me up and brought me home until we got the call that the tow truck was headed to my car.

Nova asked if we could do some crafts while we waited at home. We went through my phone and found a couple different things to try!

Nova saw this and said “we have to do that one it’s so cute!!”. She loves doing crafts where she gets her hands painted!

I pulled out a piece of white stock paper, pink and orange paint and a pencil so that I could draw some lines on the paper and make it easier for Nova to paint.

First things first…. paint those hands pink! Make sure when you make the hand prints that the palms are facing the middle of the page. This will be your flamingos bodies!

I used the pencil to stencil out the legs and necks for Nova. She grabbed a paint brush and began to paint the legs.

Once she was finished with the legs, it was time to paint the necks pink!

Nova said she was so excited to paint the necks because then it would look like a heart. I love these crafts using hand prints and foot prints. Make great memories and kids love getting a little messy! This is a great one to make on a canvas (as they did in the link) but we have enough of those around the house right now!

Novas end result! She decided to do a border just like they did in the link below! She did such a great job.

Want to try it? This link also has 20 Valentines Crafts!


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