Ice Castles In Edmonton ❄️

We went out to Edmonton for the weekend to celebrate my birthday early and see the Ice Castles that they have this year.

I saw pictures of them on Facebook and we knew Nova would absolutely love them! I wanted to share how awesome this experience was because the Ice Castles are made in different cities every year (but I heard this was the third year in Edmonton because the turn out is so good!).

I was torn between going during the day or the evening. We decided to go in the evening so that Nova could see it all lit up and colourful!

Nova was looking forward to this for weeks! We even invited a friend of hers that lives in Edmonton to go with us! We met her and her mom for supper at Boston Pizza and then headed over to the Ice Castles!

When we pulled up Nova was so excited to just get bundled up and inside! You could see all the lights from the parking lot!

Once we got in the kids were going nuts! It is absolutely incredible how this was made! No words for it!

Solid ice everywhere and when you look up… icicles everywhere! Have to make sure you’re always watching your step as some spots are quite icy, but you also have to remember to look up because the icicles are beautiful!

They had two slides open. Nova was so excited for these. We went to something called Winter Play here in Fort McMurray last year and they had a small ice slide that I could not get Nova off of! So when she saw these huge slides made of ice she lost her mind! They had these snow stairs made in a huge castle of ice!

We all went down a few times on this one. The line up was pretty long every time but it went quick as it was a small slide. Be prepared for a bruise or two going down it!

The other slide was much longer and they had crazy carpets to go down on. Nova and Curtis went down together on this one! Line up here was pretty long and it took awhile to get down so they only went down once on this one.

After we went down the slides a few times we went back to walking around and seeing every inch we could of this amazing creation!

It’s incredible what people can make out of ice blocks and water. This was hands down one of the most amazing things I had ever seen! They had this one wall that was constantly changing colours and I captured this unbelievable picture of the girls looking at it.

This was such a great time for the whole family. I am really hoping that they do this again in Edmonton next year and maybe we will go during the day this time!

They also had an ice throne! This was so cool and how somebody can carve into ice like that is unbelievable!

Here is the website for Ice Castles! Shows you where they are set up this year and that’s where I recommend buying tickets ahead of time. The tickets sell out fast so it’s better to have them before you go!

We will absolutely be attending this event again next year if they set up close to Fort McMurray! ❄️

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