Egg Carton Creations 🐢

The last few times that we got eggs I decided to hold on to the cartons. Never know when they may come in handy!

Nova was asking about making a craft one night so I pulled up Pinterest and we looked through some crafts. Nova saw egg carton animals and wanted to make those – luckily we had some on the fridge!

Nova said she wanted to make turtles first! We grabbed some pipe cleaners, paint, eyes and the egg cartons. I cut them up and Nova started to paint them green!

I helped her by hot gluing the eyes and legs. She also did brown spots on them like the picture showed from Pinterest.

Her little turtles were so cute! She loved them.

Here is the link for the turtles! Also shows how to make a few other animals too!

Once the turtles were finished Nova wanted to make some jellyfish! I cut some more pieces of the egg carton for her and she picked out pink and blue paint. I put a hole in the top of the egg carton piece and put yarn through it and tied it off.

Nova picked out some beads and made patterns to add onto the yarn! Another cute project done! She had so much fun playing with these animals and her own stuffed animals.

Here is the link we used for the jellyfish, along with 25 other egg carton crafts!

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