Make A Wish

I have had this one saved for as long as I can remember but I always forgot to buy water colours! I got an awesome deal on this palette on Amazon by Melissa and Doug and put it in Novas stocking for Christmas.

There is a wall in our master bedroom that I have been planning on putting pictures up on. I already printed out a couple 8×10 family pictures and then decided that this would look so cute added into the mix on our wall!

I showed Nova and she thought it looked super cute and she was excited to try her new water colours!

This was quick and easy which I loved! All we needed was a piece of stock paper to print the “Make A Wish” dandelion onto to and some water colours!

I got Nova a cup of water after this photo so that she could wet all her colours. The palette came with a paintbrush too!

Nova added water to each colour and began dabbing her fingerprints onto the paper. She went around the whole dandelion until each spot had a fingerprint.

And in the end it’ll look like this! I absolutely adore this one. It’s so simple but I think it’s so cute. I trimmed the edges and put it into an 8×10 frame. Next I’ll put it up on the wall! Just need a few more pieces before I finish it.

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