Little Skaters ⛸

Nova has really taken an interest in skating over the last year or so. Up until recently she needed a little help to skate, but Curtis said the last time they went that she went from one side of the rink to the other all on her own!

This picture is from last year, one of the first times we all went skating together (in our Canucks jerseys of course 😉)

Nova is so happy when she’s out on the ice! It’s the cutest thing to see her little skates click click clicking across!

I was waiting outside Novas school to pick her up, and I came across this craft and I knew she’d be so excited to make it!

Firstly, print off the skater from this link (there is both a girl and a boy):

Grab a paper plate, popsicle stick, green paper (stock or construction), some crayons for colouring and a picture of your child’s face that you can cut out.

Nova coloured her little skater first, and I cut a slit into the paper plate and cut out a couple trees for her. Nova asked me to cut out the skater for her as it’s got a lot of little spaces to cut. I cut that out and she glued on the trees to the paper plate. After the skater was cut out, I cut Novas face out of the picture and she glued it onto her skater!

TIP: We only had styrofoam plates but if we did this again, I would definitely use an actual paper plate instead. The glue didn’t stick to the styrofoam and it’s a lot harder for the popsicle stick to move inside the styrofoam. Still works, just not as smoothly! If you only have styrofoam I’d recommend cutting the stems longer on the trees and making slits in the plate so that they can stand up without using glue.

Stick your little skater into the slit on the paper plate! Then you can move it back and forth and make it look like she’s skating!

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