Handprint Christmas Tree 🌲

We have been so busy this month that it has been hard to get any crafting or experimenting done! I had this one saved and it was an absolutely must to make this holiday season!

I was hoping to get a larger canvas but the dollar store by our house was sold out of most canvas sizes so I went with this one and we just made fewer handprints.

I got Nova set up with her canvas and paints. Brown and yellow (for the trunk and star) separated into two silicon cupcake wrappers.

TIP: Make sure you use washable paint! We used an acrylic paint but it stained Novas hands! Stick to the washable paints!

To start I made an outline for the tree trunk so Nova knew were to put her hand and she went ahead and made 6 handprints. First row had three, second had two and the top had one. She also coloured in the tree trunk brown.

After this part was finished it needed to sit for awhile to dry. Novas handprints had a lot of paint on them so it look a little longer. We ended up leaving it to dry for a few days because we were just so busy with Christmas so I had to reset up the paint again another day.

We went back to the craft and I drew lines on the tree to look like strings for lights and made a star on top for Nova to fill in (unfortunately the yellow didn’t actually cover very well so you can see the horrible outline of the star – I recommend pencil or something instead!). I’m going to try adding a few more coats on it as it dries.

And then Nova did some finger painting and made tree lights!

This one turned out so cute! I love this because it can be put aside and brought out each Christmas for decoration. Great keepsake.

Here is the link we used if you want to try it yourself, along with some other cute Christmas crafts!

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