Day-By-Day With Nova!

Day #1 – December 6th – Letter to Santa.

This was the first day! Nova had no idea about this and we were so excited to pull it out and show her! Curtis took a video when I brought it out.

Nova started her letter to Santa by putting her age and saying she was nice all year round! She told him that she wanted a unicorn toy and a horsey toy for Christmas this year and that she’s going to leave him cookies on Christmas Eve.

She also said she wants to leave him chocolate milk this year instead of white milk to see if he likes it!

She wanted to make sure he got the bow also, so she drew a flower for him and stuck the bow on. I chose to make this the first day because if you mail this with Canada Post by the 11th of December then your child will receive a response back before Christmas!

Into the mail it goes! ⬇️

And the book she unwrapped to read before bed was…. Stephanie’s Ponytail!


Nova got a response from Santa! She was SO excited.

Day #2 – December 7th – A Treat!
Kit-Kat bar! This is Novas favourite chocolate. She had said the previous day she hoped there was chocolate in the next bag and she was right!

And the book for bedtime was…. Love You Forever!

Day #3 – December 8th – Sea Foam Stickers.
We really don’t need anymore of these in the house but Nova loves the sea creatures and when there are glitter stickers in the packs! This one was all glitter so I knew she’d like that!

She had friends over for a cookie decorating party shortly after this and she gave everyone a sticker to put into their place mats! Some cute she is.

Bedtime book was… The Gingerbread Man! So fitting as they had just decorated Gingerbread men!

Day #4 – December 9th – Tube Puzzle

Nova didn’t end up finishing the puzzle today, saved for another day!

And bedtime book… The Backyardigans! Nova had a sleepover with nan and pop this night so she brought the book over there to read before bed.

Day #5 – December 10th – Colourable Purse

We had gotten back from brunch with Santa and Nova said she wanted to make a craft. I said she should open up her calendar and see what’s in there first!

She did such a good job colouring! She has recently started really trying to colour in the lines!

And bedtime book was… Cinderella! She isn’t excited to read this one, right?

Day # 6 – December 11th – Kinder Surprise & Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes

Nova loved these little pipe cleaners so I went back to the craft store and got them to add into the bag with her kinder surprise.

Bedtime book…. The Jungle Run!

Day #7 – December 12th – Make An Ornament

I set this one up because Nova loved these pink ornaments that I made a garland with for Christmas. I thought she’d enjoy making her own pink ornament for the tree!

And bedtime book was… Sleeping Beauty!

Day #8 – December 20th – Calling Santa

I was so excited for this and her reaction made it so worth it. I put just the phone number in the bag and gave her Curtis’ phone to dial the number. We did three bags this day as we were behind from being so busy!

Her reaction to this was the CUTEST thing I’ve ever seen. I was teary-eyed watching her.

Day #9 – December 21st – Notepad

Today was just a little cupcake notepad. Nova loves drawing and practicing her writing in little note pads like this.

Day #10 – December 22d – Stamps

I made these Christmas stamps the day after the notepad so that she could use them together!

We missed unwrapping a book a few times and ended up unwrapping another day.

Day #11 – December 23rd – Ornament Hunt!

I was excited for her to see this one because she always wants to do Easter egg hunts around the house, even when it’s no where near Easter.

She was running around like crazy! she found all 10!!

Bedtime book was… Robin Hood!

Day #12 – December 24th – Door Hanger

Nova loved this one! She coloured this door hanger to put on the front door!

When it was time for bed Nova hung it on the outside of the door! And Santa even left a message on it when he came to deliver presents!

Bedtime book was…. Santa! How fitting! Day #13 – December 25th – Headband

I just did a simple light up headband for this day as it was Christmas and there was enough going on!

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