Clay Creations

Air dry clay was hands down one of the best things I ever came across! We had made our own clay before that needed to be baked in the oven, but this stuff is way better.

Nova is constantly coming up with new things to make with this clay. She knows that she can just open the bucket, grab a handful and begin to make whatever her heart desires.

We were driving back to the house and Nova started asking questions as she always does! This time it was about volcanos and where she could go see a volcano, if a volcano were to erupt would all the houses on the earth would be gone. She asks about 1000 questions a minute every day!

I answered as many as I could and even googled a few volcanos later on so she could see them. She asked if she could make a volcano out of her clay, and I told her that was a great idea!

Nova grabbed her air dry clay, paint and some gold glitter.

Nova got brown paint for the volcano, and chose red, orange and yellow paint to make the “fire”, or in other words, the lava.

First she started to make the shape as a volcano with her clay.

Once she had the shape she wanted, she painted the entire thing brown.

Then she asked me to help her make it look like the lava was dripping down the sides with her other paints. I just dumped a little bit along the edge and it ran down the side.
After I dumped each colour on the edge, she would blow on it to make it run down faster 😛

She was satisfied with a little bit running down the edge and then she dumped a bit into the top of her volcano. She used her gold glitter after to make it look like “fire sparks”.

Nova got me to hold the glitter in my hand so that she could just pinch and drop!

She ended up using every little piece of gold glitter she could and her end result looked awesome!

After she finished the volcano, she said she wanted to make something else out of clay, and decided on a snowman! ⛄️

Nova started off with making three different shaped balls.

She grabbed some gems for buttons, a orange pipe cleaner to make the nose, and two eyes.

After she put all those pieces on, she grabbed a pink pipe cleaner and asked me to cut it into small pieces for her. She wanted to make some hair and arms!

The snowman stayed together until the clay dried, and then the three pieces came apart. I tried to hot glue it, but it wouldn’t stick to the clay. So in the future we’d need to mash the clay together in between each ball a bit!

You can purchase this air dry clay at your local Walmart, or add it to your next Amazon order!

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