Christmas Advent Calendar

We decided this year to do something different then just buying a chocolate calendar. We had one last year but it barley got eaten as Nova is only with us half the time.

I was scrolling through Pinterest, as I always do, and came across some homemade advent calendars. I love this idea because it’s like a mini Christmas gift every morning!

I saw a lady on the buy and sell was giving away a piece of board that was absolutely perfect to make one of these.

This is the website I found it from – they use it as a “random acts of kindness” advent calendar, which I think would be awesome when Nova gets older!

Firstly, I taped the string onto the board.

We will have Nova for 13 days between December 1st and 25th, so I numbered the paper bags next. I drew the number in glue on the bag and then sprinkled gold glitter onto it.

I did this for all 13 numbers and added a different surprise to each one – chocolate, puzzles, activities, etc.

The final result! I’m so happy with the turnout and I know Nova is going to freak out when she sees it!

Here are what each of the bags contained:

Day #1 – December 6th – Letter To Santa. I printed off a letter for Nova to fill out, got Santa’s address from the Canada Post website, and grabbed a stamp. I put our address and Santa’s address on the envelope and rolled up the letter like a scroll.

Day #2 – December 7th – A KitKat bar! This is Novas favourite chocolate so had to have one in her advent calendar.

Day #3 – December 8th – Glitter Foam Stickers. There’s no words to describe how many of these foam stickers Nova already has… but she loves glitter and sea animals so I couldn’t pass up this pack for $1!

Day #4 – December 9th – Paw Patrol Tube Puzzle. I had never seen these before until a couple days prior. I was at Walmart grabbing a couple things and saw this for $1.47!

Day #5 – December 10th – Colour Your Own Purse. I found this at the dollar store! Thought it was super cute and knew Nova would love colouring it the way she wanted.

Day #6 – December 11th – Kinder Surprise! What kid doesn’t love these! Nova likes the toy inside more then the chocolate 😋

Day #7 – December 12th – Glitter Ornament. We had some hot pink ornaments for the tree that I ended up making a garland out of. Nova really wanted to have a hot pink sparkly bulb on the tree so I put this aside so that she can make her own! I will give her mod podge to paint onto the bulb and then she can sprinkle her glitter!

Day #8 – December 20th – Who’s Number Is That? It’s Santa’s voicemail! I’ll let Nova dial the number without telling her who’s going to be on the other line! This will be a little while after she’s mailed off her letter to him so then she can make sure he got that too 😉

Day #9 – December 21st – Cupcake Notepad. Nova loves little notebooks, so I thought this was pretty cute!

Day #10 – December 22d – Christmas Stamps! Nova could use them in the notepad she got the day before if she wants!

Day #11 – December 23rd – Ornament Hunt! I cannot wait to see Novas reaction to this one. She is constantly doing Easter egg hunts around the house (doesn’t matter what month it is), so I came up with this idea! The night before hide 10 ornaments, and give her a stocking to collect them in instead of a basket!

Day #12 – December 24th – Santa, Please Stop Here! I printed this out on stock paper, cut it out and grabbed some crayons. I chose to put this in on Christmas Eve so that Nova can hang it on our front door before bed as we don’t have a chimney! Day #13 – December 25th – Light-Up Headband. I just wanted something simple for Christmas Day as there will be enough going on, so this way she can wear her headband while she opens presents! Plus it has three different settings for how it lights up!

I’ll update the post once Nova has completed all of her days! See what kind of fun she has 😋

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