Christmas Garlands

I picked up Nova from school and we went downtown to stop at a local craft store. I was just needing to grab clothes pins and pompoms but Nova asked “what craft are we going to make today?”, so I told her she could look at the craft store for something.

She saw large foam shapes of Christmas items. She asked if we could get some of those and picked out snowflakes and trees. For only $2 a pack, it came with 21 pieces in 3 different colours. Great deal!

Snowflakes came in light blue, dark blue and white. Trees came in light green, dark green and white.

I’m hosting a kids Christmas craft day next month and I figured we could use these for that too! Something small to make at the end.

I told Nova to pick a colour from both the snowflake pack and the tree pack. She picked light blue snowflakes and light green trees. She grabbed a bunch of glitter and glue.

We both decorated as there was 14 to do in total! We started off with the snowflakes ❄️

We decorated all 7 in no time! Nova loves this kind of stuff and loves the glitter!

Once all of the snowflakes were done I pushed those aside to dry and we began on the trees! 🌲

The first idea I had was the draw on what looks like a string of lights, and then Nova could finger paint on the bulbs.

I also grabbed her some foam stars to add to the tops of the trees!

I loved this idea. It’s so simple but the turn out is so cute! Plus Nova loved getting a little messy!

We finished up all 7 trees with paint, gems and buttons.

We put all of these aside to dry as well. I knew I wanted to make garlands with them once they were all dry! We have two windows in the kitchen, so one for each!

I used hot glue and string. Just a dab of hot glue on the back near the top of the foam shape did the trick.

I hung the trees up first:And then the snowflakes!Absolutely love these! I love the homemade decorations and love even more that Nova did most of it! She was ecstatic when I hung up these up!

I honestly haven’t seen these shapes anywhere else in town! These were from Kathy’s Fibre Arts in downtown Fort McMurray. I’m sure other places would have them also, just have to search around.

They also come in candy canes, another snowflake shape, snowman, Santa! So many other options!

You could also just print off the same snowflakes we decorated before on stock paper. It’s very similar and you could also make a garland out of those too!

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