Princess Wands 🌟

We were visiting Novas aunt Cora Leigh one afternoon after a Halloween party. Nova was going through a craft bucket that her aunt got to have at the house for when she came to visit.

It came with a little book showing what kind of crafts you can make with the materials given. Nova wanted to make wands! Unfortunately I had to draw and cut the shapes out by hand and I’m not very good at that, so they were a little wonky 😋

Nova had us hot glue the star and heart onto the sticks and then glue on some ribbon. She used glitter glue to add on some designs.

I had just purchased some large foam stars from the dollarstore, so I told Nova we could make some more wands with those later on. The shape would look nicer then what I cut 🤦🏼‍♀️

We left those two wands at aunties house so that Nova can play with them when she visits.

Nova saw the stars at our house another day and asked if we could make a few wands for at our house. We didn’t have anything to use for wand sticks, so we ran to the dollarstore and grabbed a package that would work.

When we got home Nova picked out two stars, two wooden sticks, some ribbon and glitter glue.

I hot glued the stars onto the sticks, and then did the same for the ribbon pieces.

Nova then decorated her wands with glitter glue!

She ran around the house with these for quite awhile pretending to cast spells!

Once they were dry Nova put them in with her play clothes! Great items for playing dressup! ⭐️

Here’s how to make a rainbow fairy wand!

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