Christmas Trees 🌲

I’m one of those people who are ready to jump on the Christmas train the day after Halloween! Curtis thinks I’m crazy and says it’s “too early” but I say it’s never too early!

We put up and decorated the tree, and Nova was so excited to do so! She decorated our front door window with Christmas clings a couple days after Halloween, so she was already in the Christmas spirit as well!

I have been pinning Christmas craft after Christmas craft for Nova to do from Pinterest. We got up one morning and decided to tackle a bunch of them! We started off with one we came up with on our own last year.

I absolutely loved this one and so did she! Let’s call it The Glue Tree! 🌲 Grab a piece of card stock, (I strongly recommend using this instead of construction paper because the glue will soak through and the craft gets warped when it dries – that’s what happened to Novas last year), white glue and whatever kind of fun craft stuff you have around!

I grabbed glitter, confetti and gems! We have tons of different kinds of confetti that I got from the dollar store, but we haven’t had a lot of use for it yet other then in the slime batches. Nova was so excited for this because we had some confetti shaped like presents and she said she had the perfect idea for those! Stay tuned!

Firstly, draw a tree shape onto your card stock and fill it full of white glue. Then it’s time to go wild with all the glitter and confetti! Fill the entire tree!

Nova started off with the small circle confetti and then started to add the larger circles and other shapes.

Once she filled most of it with confetti, she used her glitter to fill in any spaces that were still white.

She finished with her glitter and then told me her brilliant idea…. use the gift confetti to make presents under the tree! She is so creative. She picked out one present for all her family members and glued them under the tree, and also grabbed a foam gold star for the top! She added some extra stars after to make it look like there were stars in the sky ⭐️

This one needs to sit at least over night to dry – once it is, shake over the sink or garbage to get rid of the excess glitter.

No link for this one – just something I thought of last year. Would work for any shape you wanted really!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Next up was one I came across a couple days prior and I thought it was pretty neat. Hadn’t seen a craft like it before.

First off I cut a piece of white construction paper into two so that she could make two trees (she had me make one with her instead). Then cut a bunch of strips with different colours of construction paper.

Use your glue stick to make the shape of a tree and then just use the strips to make the tree shape! Nova used a present as the tree topper for hers.

There isn’t much too this one, and it’s really quick but I thought the turn out was pretty cute!

Want to try it? There was no link for what I found, just a picture – but this is where I got the idea! ⬇️

We also made another one with construction paper, similar to the one I posted below. Loved this! It’s hanging up on the fan with the rest of the home made decorations 🙂

Looking for some other tree crafts?


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