Snowflakes ❄️

This is another “Invitation To Create” type of set up that I had saved on Pinterest, but when I saw a friend of mine had done it with her son, I had to set it up for Nova because it turned out so cute!

The link we used allows you to print off the snowflake for free! I printed ours onto stock paper so that they would be thicker and hold up better.

I refilled Novas purple craft tray and cut out the snow flakes for her.

We had three large snowflakes to begin with, and myself, Nova and Curtis all decorated one.

Nova asked if we could make a couple smaller ones, so I looked on google images and found the exact same snowflake but slightly smaller, so I printed her out two of those as well.

We ended up with 5 in total – 3 large, 2 small. After thinking of different places to hang them, we decided to hang them from the ceiling fan! Nova loved the idea because it looks like it’s snowing in the living room.

I put a hold punch in each, tied on some nylon string and passed them up to Curtis to hang.

They turned out awesome! Adds a nice little something to the living room ❄️

TIP: If your children are younger and you want to avoid the mess of glitter, I recommend getting foam shapes that they can decorate with! Just peel off the back, stick it on the snowflake, no mess!

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