Marbled Milk Paper 

Another day, another science experiment! We had milk in the fridge that was a few days old and Curtis was about to dump it down the sink but I stopped him after I thought I saw an experiment using milk on Pinterest.

I went through my saved stuff and found Marbled Milk Paper. I decided we’d try that instead of wasting the milk!

Quick and easy. All you need is milk, food colouring, baking dish (or something similar), dish soap, paper & a toothpick or q-tip.

Firstly we got all of our materials ready.

Next you add the milk into the dish – the link says a specific amount of tablespoons, but I just added enough to cover the bottom of the dish. Also noticed our counter may not be level 😛

Then comes Novas favourite part… adding the food colouring! We have so many different colours so she loves using them. She did a couple drops of each colour into the milk.

We messed up on this part so make sure you read the directions better then I did! This is where you add a couple drops of dish soap and THEN use a tooth pick or q-tip to mix the colours around. We accidentally mixed the colours first. It still worked out but definitely was better when we did it right the second time!

The reaction that happens once you drop in the soap is so neat! We didn’t expect it at all.

TIP: Don’t over mix the colours. The turn out is much better if you just mix them around a little bit!

Once you’ve mixed the colours, dip your paper (we just used normal construction paper but I think stock paper would be better) into the milk, lightly tap on the paper to make sure all of it gets dipped, all pull it out to dry! I put down a few pieces of newspaper for that part.

Each time we did it they got better and better! I was worried about using normal construction paper because I figured it would rip from being wet, but I was wrong. No rips and it dried no problem!

We did this a couple times. I just rinsed out the dish each time and started over, that way each piece of paper that Nova dipped would have a different pattern. (Nova still wanted to use every food colouring each time, so hers had the same colour scheme but still had different designs).

Each one turned out a little bit different and the patterns were super neat! Nova was so shocked that the colours stuck onto the paper like that.

We did three batches. The top right one is the first one we did which was mixed too much and I screwed up on when to add the soap. The next two batches turned out awesome though- those are the bottom two! Nova just dipped that little one because the mixture had turned purplish and she liked the colour.

This experiment is awesome because the possibilities are endless! So many different colours to choose from – therefore no two will be the same!

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