Hand Print Pineapple 🍍

Nova loves pineapples, absolutely loves them! I don’t know where this pineapple trend came from but I sure do like it. We have a bunch of little decor items in the living room and Novas room.

I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for a couple things to save for another day, but Nova saw the pineapple and just had to make it that second!

All you need is yellow and white paper, green paint, glue, glitter and a little munchkins hand 👐🏻

We did the hand print first so that it could dry while Nova made the pineapple shape and glued on the glitter.

She loved painting her hand. What kid doesn’t love getting a little messy for a craft!

I cut out the oval shape for Nova and she used her glue stick to make a design on it. Then she dumped her gold glitter on and moved the paper around to make it stick everywhere.

While she did this I cut around her hand print so that she could glue it on after.

And here’s her final result! She was so happy with the turnout of this one. Time to pin her pineapple up on the pineapple cork boards!

TIP: I strongly recommend using white glue instead! I figured that some of the sparkles would stay with the glue stick, but they literally all ended up on the floor and it turned into an empty pineapple! It’ll take longer to dry but you’ll get a better end result.

There isn’t a link for this one because it’s just a picture from Yahoo, but this is the picture that gave us the idea.

Looking for another pineapple craft? Here’s a few to try!http://tiffanystidings.com/2015/06/pinecone-pineapple/


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