Invitation To Create 

I saw these “Invitation To Create” activities on Pinterest not too long ago and knew that Nova would really enjoy it. I think it’s really neat because all I did was give her the items and she used her imagination for the rest.

There are many different versions of this that you can set up – flowers, bugs, trees, monsters. Bugs was the activity of choice today! Nova is really interested in bugs – we even had her in a bug themed summer camp in July. I decided to surprise her with this one and had everything set up and waiting for her.

I had picked Nova up for the afternoon and before I got her I cut out the shapes that she would need and set up a station at the kitchen table. When we got to the house she was so excited and asked what to do with the shapes. All I had to say was “bugs” and she was right in there. Knew exactly what to do!

I cut out different shapes and sizes in lots of different colours. I also grabbed a couple metallic markers, glitter glue and gems.

HINT: I got this tray from the dollar store! I tried Walmart first but they only had glass dishes.

Nova started right off the bat with a spider. She grabbed what she needed and went to town!

She made bug, after bug, after bug! This kept her occupied for quite awhile because the opportunities are endless! She loved it. She had me making bugs with her for awhile too 🐞

TIP: In the link they had a punch to get small circles for the bugs. I don’t have one (definitely will be getting one now!) so that’s why I pulled out the small circle gems instead.

Nova ended up with an army of bugs! I showed Nova the Christmas tree link I saw on Pinterest and she was really excited about that too. Something fun for another day!

TIP: The link shows gluing the bugs onto construction paper as you go, but we just made the bugs without a background. Whichever you prefer!

**UPDATE: We did another one of these! This time was sea creatures! Nova went right to town on this one too!

Same set up, with some added things! I cut more legs and small circles, as well as some more large circles for bodies and triangles for the tails & fins.

I love setting these up for her because she is so creative and comes up with great ideas all on her own. It’s amazing to watch little minds!

Nova made an octopus and three fish, one of which is a “nemo shark”. She made a clown fish all on her own and it turned out awesome! She had me make a fish also 🐠

This is what she ended up with! She made up a game later in the night where Curtis was the octopus and had to capture all the fish while we sang songs about swimming fishies and octopus’ getting them.

I will absolutely be setting up the tree one for Christmas. Such a great idea! I realized our package of construction paper doesn’t have brown! I’ll have to get some first!

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