Glitter Webs 🕸

Halloween weekend had us running around constantly to and from different events. Nova had made different crafts and accumulated a bunch of little Halloween trinkets. She’s been using those to make little decorations around the house for Halloween.

Nova was telling Curtis how she wanted to make some sort of craft with glitter. I searched “glitter crafts for kids” on Pinterest and she came across making a spiderweb. She instantly wanted to make that because then she could put up another decoration.

For this one all you need is wax paper, a sharpie, Elmer’s glue and glitter.

Firstly you need to draw a spider web onto the wax paper. Curtis did this part for Nova. (Don’t mind his black fingernails…. we were skeletons for Halloween 😉)

Once you’ve traced the spider web out, use the glue to make the shape.

Once you have the outline made with the glue, it’s time to cover it all in glitter! This was the part Nova was waiting for. She was set on using purple glitter today!

And then…. keep adding glitter!

Once all of the glue is covered with glitter, it’s time to wait for it to dry! This part requires patience for sure, so I’d recommend making it at night so that your child can let the craft sit overnight and be excited for it in the morning!

There will be a LOT of excess glitter so once the spider web dries I recommend pouring the glitter that didn’t stick back into the bottle!

The spider web sat for the entire afternoon before I dumped the excess glitter back into the container. You could tell that the glue hadn’t quite dried completely yet so we decided to let it sit over night. Make sure it’s 100% dry before trying to peel it off!

The next morning we peeled it off of the paper and it looked so good! Nova got this little plastic spider the other night at the YMCA Halloween Party so she was loving playing with those together 🕷

Looks awesome! And it’s a great addition to the other decorations we have around the house!

We plan on trying this again with some other designs! There’s a snowflake garland idea that may be a future blog post… 😉

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