Ocean Sensory Bottle

This is the another ocean activity Nova wanted to do on the same day as the slime! We’ve had all the ingredients for this for awhile too.

All you really need for this one is a bottle (something with a wide enough top that you can put animals in), sand, shells and food colouring.

We got a package of white sand from the dollarstore as well as a package of craft shells. I ordered the plastic fish off amazon as I couldn’t find any anywhere else!

The link shows using a Voss water bottle which defiantly would’ve looked nicer but we don’t have it at our stores so we just used a Gatorade bottle.

You start off with about 2 inches of sand at the bottom of the bottle and then fill with water. It looks really “dusty” so just overflow the water a bit as the link states and the water will get clearer.

TIP: We only put one drop of blue food colouring and the water was SO dark. I ended up dumping most of the water out and refilling it to make the blue a lighter colour.

Nova then added in her fish, seashells and these little beads she thought would look cool.

She went through the whole bag of shells hand picking which ones she liked the best! It was quite the process.

When Nova was finished I hot glued the lid onto the bottle as I do with all of the sensory bottles. Can never be too careful!

Want to try it? http://alittlepinchofperfect.com/mini-aquarium-in-a-bottle-ocean-sensory-play-to-learn-and-explore/

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